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Lovelacepool is a stakepool where diversity of ADA fans and supporters come together to share their passions and express their ideas with a group of like-minded people. We want you to feel comfortable enough to be yourself in an open and inclusive environment. Join us today and become part of our amazing community.

Download the latest version of the Daedelus rewards wallet to participate.

Once you've entered your secret words to claim your wallet on testnet, go to the new delegation window and search for our ticker: L0VE ( L Zero V E )


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Test net staking goes live

December 14, 2019

The Shelley Incentivized Testnet Is Live
The Incentivized Testnet phase of Cardano’s Shelley era has begun, marking the very first steps towards the network’s decentralization. This testnet is designed to test incentivization in a real-world context and allow you – the ada holder – to earn real rewards by delegating your stake with our pool!


Cardano’s Testnet Debuts with 17% Ada Supply Staked

December 15, 2019

Cardano’s incentivized testnet went live with promising results. Holders already staked 5.4 billion Ada, representing 17% of the coin supply. IOHK also announced that over 120 staking pools went online during the first day of operation, well on its way to its 1,000 pool target.

Although some of the leading pools are operated by IOHK itself, several independent pools are also topping the charts at PoolTool.

This is a good sign for Cardano, which is designed to achieve decentralization by supporting a large number of staking pools. Cardano’s roadmap suggests that the blockchain’s incentivized staking system will “reach equilibrium” at 1,000 pools, meaning the project is on its way to meeting that target.

Stocks on a Screen

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  • We Stand behind our pool, our money is staked here just like yours should be!

  • 2% maintenance fee.

  • No fixed take

  • No fixed take: We don't think it's fair to skim off the top so there is no fixed take for the pool.

  • 2% maintenance fee: There is a 2% fee to cover server cost and the cost of my time to keep the pool running properly.

  • Pool is cloud hosted running Ubuntu 18.04 with the recommended specs to insure the most uptime possible!

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